Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Must-Have Skin Care Products for the Beauty Obsessed

Aimee Werner

Posted on December 14 2018


The holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of gorgeous skin. But with all the products out there, who has time to sift through everything? You’re in luck: we’ve made your list for you with our top 11 must-have skin care products for all of you beauty obsessed guys and gals.  
Say hello to a gentle new world with Whish natural beauty products. They’re made with ingredients that are all natural, offering a safe and effective alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most beauty products.  
So if you’ve been searching for the perfect beauty gift idea to give this holiday season, look no further! Keep reading to check out our holiday roundup of some of our most popular products that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. 
We’ve included ideas for all skin types, so mix and match any of these products for a customized bundle or grab one of our featured Whish bundles. Happy shopping!  

1. For the Skin Care Product Guru

This first must-have is our Skin Care Holiday Bundle -- it makes the perfect gift for anyone and any skin type. Not only did we already do the holiday wrapping for you with our customized holiday travel bag, but we also made sure to include some of our best-selling skin care products 
This bundle includes ourReplenishing Day Creama creamy and luxurious moisturizer created with Bakuchiol, a 100% natural substitute for retinol. We also include our Recovering Night Cream with a sumptuous blend of potent, natural anti-age fighters and antioxidant-rich moisturizers that’ll slow the clock so that you wake up renewed. And to cover all the skin care bases, we also throw in our Repairing Eye Serum, which reduces dark circles and puffiness and revives elasticity and firmness to the delicate skin around eyes.  
This is fabulous beauty gift idea to give as a set or keep a product or two for yourself (we won’t tell!). 

2. For the Young at Heart

Another must-have bundle is our Rice Milk + Rose Holiday Bundle. This entire collection of skin care products is designed to address multiple skin concerns that come with aging, including darkened veins, hyperpigmentation, and thinning skin. And again, we did the holiday wrapping for you with this one with our chic black and white Whish holiday travel bag. 
This bundle includes ourCrème Cleanser, which gently cleanses, soothes and moisturizes, while not upsetting the delicate pH of the skin. We can’t forget our Firming Body Cream, which will leave your skin feeling smooth, toned, firmed, and perfected. This is a great skin care product for all the mamas out there! Finally, this bundle includes our Hydrating Face Mist, the perfect pick-me-up. Just one spritz and you’ll feel oh so refreshed.   

3. For the Jet-Setter

This gift idea is for the friend always on the goThose planes, trains, and automobiles can really dry out skin! So give him or her the gift of hydrated skin with our best-selling Restoring Face Oil. This little bottle is packed with restorative omegas and antioxidants to help maintain the skin’s elasticity, smoothness, and youthful appearance.  
With its lightweight feel, this product glides over the skin, instantly renewing moisture while fighting free radicals –the ultimate travel companion! 

4. For the Glow-Getter

There’s no need for dangerous tanning beds and streaky spray-on tans when you can give the gift of flawless, bronze coverage with our Coconut Milk + Verbena Self Tanner. This creamy skin care product adjusts to any skin tone and has natural firming ingredients to boot.  
Say goodbye to that dull winter skin, and hello to a gorgeous new glow!  

5. For the Delicate One 

Give some extra loving care this holiday season with our Nourishing Dew Mask. Ideal for sensitive skin types, this little tube of healing magic deeply moisturizes skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and inflammation.  

6. For the Makeup Maven 

Heavy makeup can clog pores and cause painful and inflamed acne, so wash off the day’s impurities and give skin a much-needed break with our Revitalizing Cleansing Oil. This incredible skin care product. This incredible skin care product gently removes makeup without the drying effects of soap and has a gentle all natural retinol replacement to keep skin looking young and fresh.  
Clean skin is happy skin and makes for an even better canvas for that gorgeous makeup application!  

7. For the Party-Goer 

Don’t let holiday “dress stress” get in the way because of bumps and ingrown hairs on your legs and underarms. With our Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum, you or your gift recipient can still be the life of the party. Simply apply this all-natural beauty product after shaving to banish those unsightly red bumps and ingrowns. 
But wait, it gets better: this serum is clinically proven to reduce up to 34% of hair growth in just four weeks*. Yes, please!  

8. For the Fitness Fanatic  

Your gym-going friends will love our Deodorant Gel with Hair Inhibitor. And yes, we know this gift may seem a bit personal, but sweat doesn’t discriminate! So why not use the healthiest, most luxurious and effective products?   
Unlike many drugstore deodorants, ours is aluminum free, smells great, goes on smooth, and reduces future hair growth! This skin care product also comes in a 30 pack of Deodorant Swipes, making them a convenient option for on-the-go refreshment.   

9. For the Proactive Preventer

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we all age. Slow down the effects of aging with our Firming Sleep Mask. Apply this skin care product to clean skin and leave on overnight to wake up to richly moisturized and radiant morning skin.  
This stuff is truly a miracle in a jar and will give your skin the appearance of being younger and firmer, without the worry of dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s the perfect beauty gift idea for the health and skin-conscious type! 

10. For the Mover and Shaker

For the friend who is making big moves whether in career, family, or both, all that hard work does a number on the hands and feet. Give the magic of our Pomegranate Body ButterIt’s made with a unique triple antioxidant-based formula that gives lasting hydration for soft, firmed, and replenished skin.  
And who can say no to the delicious scent of pomegranate? One whiff of this top-selling skin care product and you’ll want to keep this gift for yourself!  

11. For the Homebody  

Finally, we can’t forget our holiday recommendations for an at-home spa gift collection. We absolutely love our Bourbon Vanilla Sugar Scrub, Pink Champagne Lip Scrub, and Coconut Milk + Verbena Luminous Body Oil and know you and your friends will, too!  
Start an evening of indulgence with a hot shower and our sugar scrub. Made with all natural and organic ingredients, this little tub of goodness packs some serious punch with a trio of exfoliants and a triple dose of moisturizers to take skin from dull and dry to polished and nourished in no time.  
Next, prep those lips for a kiss under the mistletoe with our lip scrub. When used regularly, it helps exfoliate and moisturize, so you’re never caught with chapped lips again.  
And last but certainly not least, top off your much-deserved spa day or night with our body oil. Fortify skin with fast-absorbing, luminous moisture that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And as a bonus, this skin care product also has peptides to calm inflamed skin – perfect for those dry, cold winter months.  

The Gift of Beautiful Skin 

When it comes to holiday must-have skin care products, we have you covered. Any of our products make for a thoughtful holiday gift and the icing on the cake is that everything we sell is natural and safe for long-term use. So pick one product, pick two products, or mix and match to create your very own customized beauty bundle. Believe us when we say you’ll definitely grant someone’s beauty Whish this holiday season.  
Shop our complete line of skin care products as seen on broadcast television and in publications such as People, Marie Claire, and US Weekly. Happy holidays! 
*Based on double-blind clinical study results study conducted by Bioscreen Testing Services, Inc.