Self Tanner & Glow-Body Care



Using self tanner has never been so easy! Whether you’re looking for that pre-vacation base tan or just a little extra color during the dreary winter months, adding our tanning products into your beauty routine can feel oh-so-luxe.

To get an amazing glow, always start with a clean and smooth canvas

Our Coconut Milk and Verbena Exfoliating Body Wash is the perfect way to prep your skin before applying self tanner. Similar to our sugar scrub, this product sloughs away dead skin while gently cleansing, revealing sleek and sultry skin.

Next, you’re ready to apply our Coconut Milk and Verbena Self Tanner

This all over body butter has self tanner and natural firming ingredients - perfect for keeping your skin soft and radiant. There’s no need to worry about streaks, because this self-tanning lotion goes on flawless every time. Ready for the best part? This little bottle of sunshine is great for all skin tones for that natural tan look you’ve been Whishing for!

If you’re looking to turn back time a bit, try our Coconut Milk and Verbena Correcting Gel

his anti-aging skin care elixir repairs, clarifies, and moisturizes skin with clinically proven antioxidants. So, if you’ve gone a little overboard tanning outside and need to soothe sunburned skin or you just want to reduce the appearance of UV damage to your skin, this is another fantastic and safe option.
Another key is keeping your skin moisturized, which can preserve a beautiful tan. 

Our Coconut Milk and Verbena Luminous Body Oil will give it the extra dose of moisture it needs

Not only does it go on smooth, but it also absorbs quickly. And the clinically proven peptides calm inflamed skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t get better than that!

A Quick Fix with Our CC Body Cream

If you’re looking for a last-minute bronze, our Coconut Milk and Verbena CC Body Cream is the go-to product. Take your skin from sallow to stunning with this wonder cream that incorporates shimmer and bronzer along with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and panthenol to give you an instant tan.

Self Tanning Cream Is Worth the Switch

Our complete line of self tanner beauty products offers an easy way to achieve your most luminescent, healthy-looking tan at home – without the risk of sun damage. So, say goodbye to streaky spray-on tans and dangerous tanning beds and hello to a natural, gorgeous glow with our self tanning cream.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, using tanning beds before the age of 35 can increase your risk of developing melanoma by 75%. That number alone should be alarming enough to never use a tanning bed again. Tanning can also cause premature aging. When your skin is exposed to UV rays (whether from being outside or being inside a tanning bed), the skin’s natural reaction is to produce melanin (your tan). When skin is overwhelmed by UV rays and there’s not enough melanin, your skin can become sunburned – ouch! Imagine repeating this cycle over and over again throughout life (tan, burn, repeat); your poor skin will have a tough time coping and may start showing signs of damage, including fine lines, wrinkles, leathery looking skin, brown age spots, and sometimes lesions that develop into skin cancer.

Why put your body through all that harm and possibly cause irreparable damage when there’s safer and more effective options? With Whish self tanner products, you’ll safely achieve your dream tan in no time. So, glow on, what are you waiting for?

Don’t just stop with the perfect sunless tan, make sure to shop all our natural skin care products made with powerfully effective natural ingredients that produce real results.