Help Soothe Winter Dry Skin With These 12 Natural Skin Care Products

Aimee Werner

Posted on January 16 2019


There are tons of positives when it comes to the winter season – like dusting off that cozy winter wardrobe, spending times with loved ones during the holidays, venturing out into the snow (if you’re one of the lucky ones!), and so much more. But one of the big downsides to a gorgeous winter wonderland can be dry skin.   
A decrease in humidity, cold temps, and the use of that trusty heater are a recipe for dry skin. But save heart, dry skin sufferer, because there are several ways to up the moisture factor of your precious skin to see you through winter and into spring.  
Check out these 12 natural skin care products that will help soothe your dry skin in no time.    

1. Give Yourself All Day Hydration  

A daytime moisturizer is vital part of your skincare routine and even more so during the harsh winter months. Our Replenishing Day Cream glides on beautifully to moisturize and prep your skin for a full day ahead. It’s packed with restorative anti-aging ingredients like bakuchiol, a 100% natural substitute for retinol, without the drying, redness, and UV issuesYou can say goodbye to the winter redness and hello to soothed, gorgeous skin with this natural skin care must-have.   

2. Brave Winter Weather With a Renewed Face  

In the winter, your face is exposed to the harshest elements. It’s no wonder you’re dealing with dry skin! One of our top products for the winter (as well as year-round) is our Recovering Night Cream. This incredibly rich cream blends potent, natural anti-age fighters and antioxidant-rich moisturizers that work throughout the night to slow the clock, so you wake up with renewed, supple skin. This is one natural skin care miracle you can’t go without! 

3. Protect Delicate Skin 

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate (and thin) on your entire body, so it needs extra care during the winter months. Our Repairing Eye Serum will give the skin around your pretty peepers a much-needed boost. We’ve got our eye on the prize with this natural skin care product.  

4. An Overnight Success  

Our Nourishing Dew Mask is a natural skin care product that we like to call our “fountain of youth.” Just one overnight application of this face mask and you’ll wake to intensely hydrated skin and reduced appearance of fine lines and inflammation. Waking up has never looked or felt so good!  

5. Reveal a Softer Side 

We always say that extremely dry skin needs an extremely efficient solution, and it’s no wonder our Sugar Scrubs work like a charm on dull, dry, winter skin. Packed with natural moisturizers like organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, and organic aloe, this exfoliating sugar will scrub, buff, and shine new life into your skin. And, with delicious scents like Bourbon VanillaFrosted PearPomegranateLemongrassLavender, and Coconut, there’s something for everyone. 

6. Keep Lips Kissably Smooth

One trademark of winter we could all do without is flaky, dry, chapped lips – ouch! This winter, kiss those chapped lips goodbye once and for all with our Pink Champagne Lip Scrub. This little pot of magic packs a major punch with gentle exfoliants and natural moisturizers that smooth and soften those luscious lips. Muah 

7. Head to Toe Moisture With All Natural Skin Care 

Drench your body in extra hydration this winter with our indulgent Body Butters. This isn’t your run of the mill lotion; this natural skin care product touts a unique triple antioxidant-based formula that softens and soothes skin. But want to know what makes this natural moisturizer stand out in the crowd? It’s formulated to replenish and firm skin with collagen-boosting ingredients like organic seaweed extract. Moisturized? Check. Firmed? Double check.  

8. Go the Extra Mile to Hydrate Skin

Take moisture to the next level with our Luminous Body Oil. Body oils are a great natural skin care substitute for traditional lotions and creams. Our oil delivers a lightweight and concentrated treatment to skin; wind-whipped, dry, or flakey winter skin no more! 

Our coconut verbena combo gets to work fast, giving your bod radiant moisture while calming inflamed skin with clinically proven peptides. This oil is also the perfect dry hands remedy for those at-home manis. Just one application on hands and cuticles and you’ll have revived skin in no time! And you won't have to wait for this oil to dry. It’s fast absorbing, so you can bathe, oil up, and get dressed before the winter chill sets in.   

9. A Close Shave Without the Dry Skin

Winter is the time of year when a lot of people abandon the razor (no shorts needed in this chilly weather!). But now there’s no reason to not shave those legs of yours when you can make the task of shaving into a moisturizing spa treatment with our Rice Milk Shave Cream. Treat those gorgeous gams to soothing moisture that nourishes every inch of skin before and after you shave.  

We especially love this formula because it’s made with Vitamin K and other natural skin care ingredients to reduce the appearance of darkened veins and broken capillaries. With a shaving cream like this, your legs are going to be summer-ready well before it’s time to break out the warm-weather wardrobe!  

10. Treat Your Winter Skin to a Summer Tan 

You don’t have to go on a tropical vacation to get a golden glow. This winter, treat yourself to a tan so radiant that you’ll have everyone thinking you just got home from St. Lucia. With our Coconut Milk + Verbena Self Tanner, you can easily apply streak-free coverage to your entire body to achieve a natural tan look. This everyday tanner will not only soothe winter dry skin with its radiant hydration, but it'll also firm skin to give you a tight and toned look. Need we say more about this dreamy natural skin care product? 

11. Your Winter Makeup Routine 

Don’t let winter dry skin keep your makeup from looking anything but #flawless. With our Botanical Primer you’ll be one step closer to having a more even skin tone and minimized pores. And if that’s not reason enough to add this product to your skincare arsenal, then maybe it’ll be bakuchiol, the all natural retinol replacement, that can also be found in this little gem. Your makeup routine is about to get a major boost!  

12. A Must-Carry 

One of the easiest ways to give your skin that extra burst of moisture this winter is by using our Hydrating Face Mist. Just one spritz of this ultra-fine spray and you’ll be instantly refreshed! And if the winter weather has your skin red and irritated, this mist offers calming rose oil extract and lavender flower extract to hydrate and calm that delicate dermis. This bottle of goodness is perfect for on-the-go and will become a winter staple that you can’t live without! 

We promise you’ll get through winter. Make it a little more enjoyable with our complete line of skin care products as seen on broadcast television and in publications such as People, Marie Claire, and US Weekly. Stay warm, friends!