9 Exfoliating Ingredients We Love for Glowing Skin

Aimee Werner

Posted on March 08 2019



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: exfoliating is one of the most beneficial but overlooked things that you can do to promote healthy skin. Exfoliating isn’t just relaxing (we sure love our at-home spa nights), but it’s also incredibly good for your skin to promote a healthy glow year-round.  
Every single day, you shed thousands of skin cells. Unfortunately, some of those skin cells can become trapped in your pores and cause larger problems, such as acne, redness, dryness, roughness, and an overall dull complexion. 
And just as a reminder, exfoliating isn’t just for your face! We absolutely recommend exfoliating from head to toe. From our Lip Scrub to our Coconut Milk + Verbena Exfoliating Body Wash to face masks and more, Whish all-natural exfoliating products have everything you need for smooth, brighter, and incredibly gorgeous skin.  
Keep reading as we share our favorite natural exfoliating ingredients and their benefits, as well as common skin care questions about exfoliating such as: “How often should I exfoliate?” and "Do DIY exfoliators work?” 

1. Reap the Benefits of Sugar Cane with Our Exfoliating Body Wash

Sugar cane is one of the very best natural exfoliants and that’s why we’ve included it in our customer-favorite exfoliating body wash. Sugar cane produces glycolic acid, the smallest of the alpha-hydroxy acids, and provides gentle yet effective exfoliation. 
Our exfoliating body wash is mild enough for everyday use and buffs away dry, flaky skin and evens out skin tone (especially if you love self tanner), all with a variety of all-natural ingredients including water-soluble glycolic acid from sugar cane.  
If you’re looking for a body wash that will leave your skin cleansed and smooth, then this is the product for you! Exfoliating with body wash in the evening after a long day is not only so relaxing, but it will also aid in skin cell turnover, helping to regenerate new healthy skin cells that’ll reveal a brighter more radiant complexion.

2. Discover the Gentleness of Organic Raspberry Seed

Organic raspberry seed is commonly used in exfoliating skin care products for its incredibly mild, yet effective exfoliating properties. We absolutely love this gentle exfoliator and have added it to our Vanilla Lip ScrubPink Champagne Lip Scrub, and our Sugar Scrubs (a great addition to our Exfoliating Body Wash).  
Unlike other exfoliating ingredients that can be too abrasive for frequent use on the skin, organic raspberry seed offers a light exfoliation. That’s why we use this little gem in our lip scrubs and sugar scrubs to provide that extra little oomph to your beauty routine. 

3. Learn About the All-Natural Exfoliating Alternative to Retinol Cream

We truly can’t say enough about the power of Bakuchiol! Bakuchiol is an all-natural retinol replacement that addresses all the signs of aging and dramatically improves skin radiance.  
If you’ve ever used retinol creams in the past for their exfoliating benefits, then you’ve probably also experienced the negative effects of them such as drying, redness, and UV issues (stay out of the sun!). However, Bakuchiol is different and we’re totally obsessed with this gentle, yet incredibly effective exfoliating ingredient.  
In fact, research shows that Bakuchiol has retinol-like activity on the skin when applied twice daily. This all-natural, plant-derived ingredient supports in restoring and enhancing skin and it’s clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging skin (like fine lines and wrinkles), improve acne affected skin, defend against UV-induced damage (instead of causing it) and slow accelerated skin aging.  
Like retinol cream, Bakuchiol utilizes the power of exfoliation to encourage cell turnover and stimulate collagen production to help reveal improved skin tone and elasticity. 

We’ve created an entire line of products that are infused with the power of Bakuchiol and safe for frequent use, including our: Replenishing Day CreamBotanical PrimerRevitalizing Cleansing OilRestoring Face OilRepairing Eye SerumRecovering Night Cream, and Renewing Mud Mask

4. Use Citrus Fruit for Smooth Skin

Citrus fruit like lemons and oranges produce the naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid citric acid. Citric acid is often added to skin care products for its effectiveness in promoting skin cell turnover and regrowth.  
This all-natural exfoliant also has antioxidant properties that help protect the skin against photoaging, environmental damage, and oxidative stress. 
But we wouldn’t recommend running to the grocery store to purchase citrus to make a DIY exfoliator! Lemons, in particular, have a very high pH, making them extremely acidic. When you apply lemon directly to the skin it can cause irritation and photosensitivity when exposed to the sun. 
Instead of risking a DIY skin care solution, we absolutely recommend investing in all-natural Whish exfoliating products, like our Revitalizing Cleansing Oil with Bakuchiol or our Exfoliating Body Wash to gently exfoliate your face and body. 

5. Uncover Undeniably Radiant Skins With Lemon & Green Tea AHA Complex

The health benefits of consuming green tea are endless, so it was a natural move for us to add lemon and green tea AHA complex to our Exfoliating Body Wash 
Lemon and green tea alpha-hydroxy acid complex helps promote skin cell turnover, leading to healthier looking, smooth skin. Not to mention, green tea, in general, is highly recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with the exfoliating power of citric acid, you’ll definitely want to introduce this body wash into your beauty routine.  

6. Show Your Softer Side With Organic Bamboo Powder

We can’t get enough of organic bamboo powder—its ultra-fine grain adds just the right exfoliating qualities to our sugar scrubs. And as if providing a dreamy, soft scrub wasn’t enough, organic bamboo powder also has antiseptic and astringent properties—so, if you have acne-prone skin, organic bamboo powder is a great option for you.

7. Explore the Salty Side of Exfoliating

Salt has long been used as a natural exfoliant and we must admit, it’s a great natural ingredient for many reasons. Salt has beneficial mineral properties that can act as detoxifiers and reduce inflammation. Like other exfoliators, salt also increases circulation when massaged onto skin.  
Coarse salt is especially useful on rough patches of skin (think heels and elbows). However, its jagged edges are not good for use on your face and other delicate areas of the body, and salt can also dry out skin (osmosis much?), which is why we do not recommend going the DIY salt scrub route when it comes to your skin care. 
Instead, our Whish exfoliating products are perfectly formulated for various skin types as to not cause damage to delicate skin, and instead promote a beautiful, glowing complexion. From exfoliating body wash to mud masks and more, we’ve got you covered! 

8. Say "Yes" to Kaolin Clay

Our Renewing Mud Mask is not your average skin care mask! That’s because not only does this product deep clean and minimize pores, it also exfoliates dead skin evenly with ingredients like Bakuchiol and kaolin clay.  
The kaolin clay in our mud mask has a fine-grain texture that works to provide a gentle resurfacing exfoliation to show a smoother, softer, more youthful looking you. Simply add a thin layer of this rejuvenating product to your skin and rinse with water in a circular motion to buff that dermis. You’ll immediately see results with this miracle product and can use it twice a week to scrub, scrub, scrub!

9. Soften With Organic Brown Sugar: Nature’s Skin Smoothing Remedy

We can’t forget about one of our favorite natural exfoliants, organic brown sugar. Brown sugar is softer than granulated sugar, so it’s great for the face the body. It also produces glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that again, encourages cell turnover to reveal new skin.  
Our Exfoliating Lip Scrubs and Body Scrubs are the perfect way to treat your skin to a deeply exfoliating and moisturizing treatment. 

How to use sugar scrub

  1. Start with wet skin in the shower, letting the warm water soften your skin to prepare. 
  2. Take your product and massage it into your skin in a circular motion, focusing extra attention on any rough patches, like heels.  
  3. Use twice a week for best results! 

With all-natural Whish products like our Lip Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Mud Mask, and Exfoliating Body Wash, you can be well on your way toward more beautiful, nourished, smooth skin. Shop our complete line of skin care products as seen on broadcast television and in publications such as People, Marie Claire, and US Weekly. Cheers to a smooth new you!