Get Spring Break Ready! 8 Tips on How to Apply Self Tanner

Aimee Werner

Posted on April 24 2019


It’s safe to say that we’re pretty obsessed with Whish Coconut Self Tanner and we know our customers are too, thanks to its 5-star reviews. With an incredible all-natural formula, this bottle is sheer magic.  
If you’ve ever used self tanners before, then you know they can be messy and leave streaks behind, which is why a lot of people are turned off by the idea of using self tanning lotion. But we’re here to change that and show everyone that Whish Coconut Self Tanner is easy to use, intensely moisturizing, streak-free, and offers gorgeous buildable color.  
Let’s chat about the difference between instant and gradual self tanners, as well as 8 self tanning tips ohow to apply self tanner for the Spring Break tan of your dreams without the harmful UV rays.

The Difference Between Instant & Gradual Self Tanners

The active ingredient in any self tanning lotion is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Per the Mayo Clinic, this ingredient reacts with dead skin cells on the surface of our bodies to temporarily darken skin and mimic a tan.  
The more DHA a self tanner has in it, the more “instant” of a tan you’ll achieve. Have you ever used a spray tanning lotion or spray tanning cream? Those products generally have higher concentrations of DHA to deposit more color onto the skin to create an instantly dramatic tan. If you’re going to go this route, please make sure the person doing your tan is a professional and knows how to apply self tanner spray to avoid a potentially disastrous situation!  
We love the Whish Coconut Self Tanner formula because it has just the right amount of DHA to provide a gradual, streak-free tan. It works on all skin tones and unlike other self tanning lotions, ours is super hydrating. A short while after you’ve applied Whish self tanner, you’ll notice your skin getting progressively darker. Stop there or apply again the following day to build a deeper tan.  
It’s so simple to apply this self tanner that you won’t ever want to use another self tanning product again – we promise! Here are our 8 best tips and tricks on how to apply self tanner. And just a side note: once you know how to self tanthis process gets easier and easier!  

1. Shower & Exfoliate

Before applying self tanner, you need to start with a clean slate. We recommend showering and exfoliating your entire body with our Exfoliating Body Wash. This alpha hydroxy exfoliating wash helps slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and silky.  
We also recommend paying special attention to your feet, since feet tend to be rough. Try prepping those tough tootsies with our Exfoliating Foot Mask. You can leave this product on overnight if you want to give your feet a little TLC the day before you tan (just see directions on how to apply). Our self tanner will go on flawlessly if you tend to your skin before use. Be sure to check out some of our other favorite exfoliating ingredients in this blog post, too! 

2. Shave BEFORE Applying Self Tanner 

This seems easy enough, but a lot of people forget to shave before applying self tannerHowever, you prefer to remove hair (waxing, shaving, laser, etc.) please do yourself a favor and do it before you apply product.  
Hair removal after-the-fact can remove your tan, leaving splotchy marks on your legs. This is a common mistake many people make when talking about how to apply self tanner. We suggest that you try our Rice Milk + Rose Shave Cream with Vitamin K. This product reduces the appearance of darkened veins and broken capillaries while giving you the closest shave possible with our ultra-rich and creamy whip.

3. Moisturize Problem Areas

This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give you when it comes to how to apply self tanner, here’s why. The skin on your elbows and knees tends to be thicker, darker, and dryer than the rest of your skin. That’s because these areas are constantly being stretched, bent, and rubbed against clothing and objects in your everyday life. As dermatologist Dr. Zeichner explainsall of these influences cause skin to grow thicker in order to protect itself, which ultimately causes skin to be darker and dryer.  
It’s important to moisturize skin before applying self tanner, especially problem areas like the elbows and knees, so those areas don’t absorb too much pigment. Talk about giving yourself away when you’re sporting dark, splotchy elbows and knees during Spring Break, yikes!  
Try using our Rice Milk + Rose Firming Body Cream since this product leaves skin smooth and hydrated while banishing the appearance of unwanted blemishes.

4. How to Apply Self Tanner

If you’d like to wear a pair of latex gloves to preserve your hands (we think this is the best way to apply a self tanner) go right ahead. Otherwise, you’ll need to rinse your hands frequently throughout the application process.  
Most people like to start with their legs and work their way up, so apply a small amount of Whish Self Tanner to your hands and rub into legs – saving your feet and ankles for last. When you’re done with your legs, use the residual product to cover your feet and ankles for a more natural look.  
Next, rinse and apply more product to hands and start massaging into your torso, behind, neck, and back (if you’re flexible enough or ask a friend). And, finally, apply a fresh dollop of product to both arms. At this point, avoid applying self tanner to elbows, wrists, and back of hands until you’ve spread the majority of the product across your arms. With the leftovers, lightly apply to elbows, wrists, and back of hands – avoiding any product buildup between fingers.  
Lastly, apply self tanner to the face (unless you prefer not to). We recommend adding a dime-size amount of product to hands and blending onto face in an upward motion into the hairline for an effortless finish. Allow product to completely dry before getting dressed.  

5. Moisturize Again

Now that you know how to apply self tanner, to extend the life of your tan through Spring Break, it’s vital to keep skin moisturized by applying body lotion and drinking tons of water. If your skin is dry and flaky, you can say sayonara to your beautiful bronzed glow, but if you stay hydrated inside and out, your tan should last a good while.  

6. Avoid Beauty Treatments & Products That’ll Dull Your Glow

Skip the waxing (a light shave should be okay) and drying products like alcohol-based ingrown hair treatments. Instead, try using an ingrown hair serum if you’re suffering from ingrowns. Also, if you’re into mani/pedis or coloring your hair go ahead and get those services done before applying self tanner 

7. How to Apply Self Tanner While Protecting Yourself from Harmful UV Rays 

When companies talk about how to apply self tanner, a lot of times they forget to mention that self tanners don’t protect you from the sun. As always, make sure to protect yourself from the sun by wearing SPF 30 (at the very least) and reapplying sunblock frequently throughout the day to maximize protection.  
But in any case, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing and learning how to apply self tanner instead of sunbathing or even worse, using dangerous tanning beds. If you use all the self tanner lotion tips we’ve provided in this article plus incorporate other anti-aging skin care products into your beauty routine, you can have youthful looking skin for many years to come!  

8. Refresh, Reapply, & Renew

Refresh your tan as much as you want with our buildable, gradual self tanner. Simply reapply whenever you’re in need of a little bronze boost, and don’t forget to explore all of our self tanner and glow products to renew your newfound tan. Now that you’re an expert on how to apply self tanner, glow on, what are you waiting for? 

Don’t just stop with the perfect tan, go all-in this Spring Break and shop our entire collection of all-natural skin care products as featured on broadcast television and in publications such as People, Marie Claire, and US Weekly.