Netflix and… Pamper? Indulge in a Night In

Aimee Werner

Posted on January 28 2021

“Netflix and Chill” is a phrase that has taken on a new meaning on what you do on a Friday night. However, what if you found yourself at home alone once again just binge-watching Netflix while eating your favorite evening snack? Hey, there are worse things you could be doing! But why not amp up that Friday night with some self-pampering—perhaps a relaxing face mask to help you “chill”? Sounds like a good evening to us. Start making the most of those mid-show breaks by treating yourself to some self-indulgent ways that’ll help enhance your complexion, your mood, and even your overall attitude. Here are a few ways to have a relaxing night with your favorite streaming service.

Get Into Something Comfy

First things first. Wear something that’ll make you feel comfy all evening. Get rid of those skinny jeans and jump into something more relaxed like sweatpants. lGet your hair up in a bun and add a baggy t-shirt and you’re ready to plop down in bed or on the couch with your favorite snack. Who cares that you look like a mess because nothing says relaxation like sweats or a night gown. Don’t forget about those comfy slippers too. This is your first step towards a night in you’ll want to recreate over and over again.

“Wine” Down

Before you fire up Netflix or your preferred streaming service, it’s always a good idea to wind down with some meditation. Even if you’re meditating for just a few minutes, it can be helpful to have a space carved out for this practice. For some of us, that can be a corner of the room full of cushions, perhaps with crystals and candles. If this seems like something up your alley, then it sounds like you know what you’re doing. If you’re a bit more on the simplistic side, you can still wind down in your favorite comfy spot in the house. Once you find that perfect spot, plop down with your favorite glass of wine (or whatever drink you enjoy having) and meditate for a few minutes. Trust us, it works—especially when you’ve had a long day at work!

Silence That Phone!

To coincide with your meditation, it’s also important to disconnect from any distractions. Yes, that means putting your phone on silent. In order to fully wind down and enjoy the night, you need to rid yourself from anything that might pull you into doing something you didn’t intend on doing. Sure, memes and beauty blog videos are fun to watch, but are they really helping you unload your brain from the craziness that was your workday? If you sit in front of a computer screen all day and then go right to seeing another (smaller) screen, then you’re not actually shutting your brain off the way it needs to be shut off. So put that phone away, place it somewhere that’s not within arm’s reach, and enjoy the night distraction-free.

Put on a Fresh Face

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to involve going into a spa. You can do the pampering right in the comfort of your own home! There are several ways to mimic a spa day at home. Whether it’s a relaxing bath, lighting some candles, and giving yourself a facial, these are several ways to give yourself the TLC you deserve. If you’re looking for some great face masks, Whish has a line of mask treatments that will leave your skin feeling brand new and refreshed. One great option is the Renewing Mud Mask with Bakuchiol, a mud mask that is a botanical alternative to mud masks that carry chemical components. This mask is perfect for oily, dry sensitive and acne-prone skin because it’s paraben, sulfate, phthalate and petrochemical-free. Let’s not forget that this Renewing Mud Mask is infused with bakuchiol.

Another alternative would be Whish’s Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask—an overnight mask that helps to strengthen and revive skin while you sleep. Using all-natural firming ingredients, it works to deliver intense moisturization while softening fine lines and refining texture. One dose of this incredible mask and your skin will feel softer and appear younger and firmer, too!

Treating yourself should be a priority. No matter what the situation is, you owe yourself a day (or night) of pampering! Remember, taking good care of your emotional and mental health plays a significant role in your overall well-being.