Introducing Super Jojoba at Indie Beauty Expo

Aimee Werner

Posted on January 27 2020

Jojoba oil. Ever heard of it? What if we told you that at some point, you used a beauty product—whether a shampoo, moisturizer, or a varying cosmetic—that had jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil in it? To be fair, so many ingredients can be found in cosmetics that it can be hard to remember all of them. However, we’re here to tell you that jojoba oil is the real deal. But before you go searching for jojoba oil in the ingredients list of your daily beauty routine, let’s go over the benefits that come from using this natural ingredient and what makes it so great to use—especially for your skin.

Where does Jojoba Oil come from?

Don’t fret. We’re not here to give you a lengthy history lesson. But we do want to explain that jojoba oil has been used for quite some time (we’re talking a long time). Native to Southeastern Arizona, Southern California and Northwestern Mexico, the Jojoba Plant contains the jojoba seed which is an acorn-shaped seed that is rich oil and wax. Natives of these lands used the Jojoba Plant in folk medicine due to its rich antioxidants and vitamin E, which reduces inflammation and assist in wound healing. It was once said that the ingredients inside the jojoba seed carried healing properties to treat colds and even used during childbirth. Talk about a miracle worker.

Flash forward to today. Thanks to modern science, we also know that jojoba oil contains Vitamins E and B, which nurtures overall healthy skin. In addition, jojoba oil also contains copper and zinc which, if you didn’t know, improves immunity, blood sugar levels, and eye, heart, and skin health.


Benefits of Jojoba Oil


It’s an Oil…But Not

Unlike avocado or coconut oil, jojoba oil isn’t actual an oil—it actually has a waxy feel and substance. The name in itself can be misleading, but it does so for good reason. Much like avocado or coconut oil, jojoba oil boasts all the healthy properties of other oils but with a less greasy experience. Jojoba oil’s waxy ester makes it lighter and feels less greasy to the touch. As a result of this, jojoba oil makes this a better contender when it comes to your facial cleansing routine. Because who needs that extra greasy feeling on your face? Nobody does. 

Prevents Clogged Pores

Not all oils are created equal. There are many oils frequently used in skincare products that can be very beneficial, but some can also clog pores due their thick consistency, which is more difficult to adequately absorb into your skin, essentially causing it to sit atop of the dermis (the top layer of your skin), forming a film over the pore. Mix this with the bacteria and dead skins cells, and you’ve got yourself an excess of oily facial glands which then turns into acne.

Cue jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil’s wax ester acts and functions like the natural oils already in your skin. Why is this a good thing? Using jojoba oil balances the oil in your skin as opposed to adding to it. Therefore leaving you less likely to have clogged pores and acne breakouts. Jojoba oil also adds moisture but reduces the excess oil production in your skin. While other oils are geared for specific types of skin, the components of jojoba oil makes this beneficial for all types.


Not Just for Your Face

Jojoba oil is not just for your face, but for any other part of your body where your skin might need attention. One of the highlights of jojoba oil that many people might not know is that this can benefits more than the skin on your face. People with skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, or acne, use jojoba oil because of its anti-inflammatory components and can bring skin condition flare ups under control.

Have a noticeable scar you want to get rid of? Jojoba oil can help. Remember when we mentioned that jojoba oil was considered to have healing abilities? There’s definite truth to that. Jojoba oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which helps reduce scars.

Natural Makeup Remover

Not only is jojoba oil beneficial for your skin’s health, but it can act a natural makeup remover. This all-natural component can dissolve and remove everything from sunscreen to waterproof mascara. Did we mention that jojoba oil is safe to use around the eyes? As opposed to some makeup removers that can lead to eye irritation, jojoba oil is a perfect alternative for those who wish to remove their makeup without irritating eyes or skin.


Super Jojoba to be Previewed at Indie Beauty


All this talk about jojoba oil probably has you thinking why we’re so focused on this natural component. That’s because Whish has created the next best thing in skin moisturization—Super Jojoba. Super Jojoba will be previewed at Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles on January 29 and 30.

The Super Jojoba has a quadruple dose of jojoba to deeply hydrate, soften, and restore your skin to its most radiant feel ever. With four different types of jojoba, your skin gets an extra boost of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and deeply moisturizing goodness. Our formula also has an all-natural anti-pollution ferment compound to scavenge free radicals, keeping your skin extra beautiful regardless of what’s happening outside.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Super Jojoba is free of sulfates and parabens (among others), as well as cruelty free. Super Jojoba has the smooth consistency of a lotion, minus the greasy residue, and is formulated with encapsulated jojoba to provide deep skin hydration over a long period of time.  Whish prides itself in creating a sensitive skincare solution that will moisturize, replenish and enhance radiance to all types of skin.