Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day With These Fun Ideas, Whish All-Natural Bakuchiol Products, and More!

Aimee Werner

Posted on May 03 2019

Mother’s Day is May 12th, which means that now is the time to start thinking about how you can show your favorite lady in your life how much you love and appreciate her. Whether it’s your mom, aunt, grandma, family-friend, or any other mother figure that has shown you love and support, let’s make this Mother’s Day one for the books!  
Here at Whish, we think moms are the real superheroes, and we want to help you recognize the females who make it all possible by pampering them with a special day. Check out these fun and fresh ideas for ways to spoil Mom—we’ve even included our Mother’s Day roundup of all-natural Whish products (like those made with organic retinol aka Bakuchiol) and others so you can give Mom the gift of gorgeous skin!  

Start the Day off Right With Mom's Favorite Breakfast in Bed

We love the idea of treating moms to breakfast in bed. This gesture requires you to go the extra mile (especially if you no longer live at home) and put some thought and time into planning what to cook and how to present it.  
If your mom isn’t into eating breakfast, another great idea is just serving her one of her favorite coffee or tea drinks in bed and sitting with her to chat. In this digital era, good conversation is less and less common, so a heart-to-heart over a hot drink is a much-appreciated interaction. So, put away your phone and re-connect with your mom on this special day.  
We guarantee whichever way you choose to spend your morning, your mom will appreciate your undivided attention to detail and her. While you’re sitting bedside, offer your mom a hand massage with our Rice Milk + Rose Hand Remedy.  
We adore this product and think Mom will too! Whish Hand Remedy is not just a richly effective moisturizer for a mother’s tired hands, it’s also formulated with alpha hydroxy acid to refine, glycolic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and mallow extract to help fade the appearance of brown spots. Believe us, a massage with this creamy lotion makes for a very thoughtful gift for the special woman in your life.  

Get Out and Get Active This Mother's Day

It’s springtime and that means the weather is finally starting to warm up. Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and get active with a Mother’s Day walk or hike.  
A little research can go a long way when it comes to planning the perfect walk or hike with your mom. Try doing a Google search for “local walking or hiking trails” and in no time, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.  
If Mom isn’t into the great outdoors, no problem! How about an outing to a local museum? Pro tip: if you know you’d like to go this route, we suggest purchasing tickets beforehand (especially if you live in a metropolitan area) to guarantee entrance.  

An Afternoon of At-Home Spa Treatments With Bakuchiol-Infused Products

After a morning of fun, it’s time to get back home for an afternoon of at-home spa treatments—complete with a yummy lunch and anti-aging skin care products made with Bakuchiol.  
So many moms are so used to being on-the-go all the time, that an at-home spa day is probably one of the best Mother’s Day presents a mom could ask for. But before you get started, lunch is a must!  
If you’ve ever been to a spa resort before, then you know the food is usually light, delicious, and healthy. Give Mom a taste of 5-star luxury with a beautiful spa-inspired lunch. Here are some ideas that you can easily make at home. Bon appétit!  

Give Mom the Gift of an All-Natural Retinol Alternative With Bakuchiol

Now for the good stuff. No at-home spa day is complete without facials. Show your mom how much you care about her skin’s health by treating her to Whish anti-aging products made with organic Bakuchiol, an edible 100% natural substitute for retinol.  
When used twice daily, clinical studies show that Bakuchiol has the same efficacy as traditional retinol without the drying, redness, and UV issues. This organic retinol cream supports restoring and enhancing great looking skin, is clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging, improves acne affected skin, defends against UV-induced damages, and slows accelerated aging—this stuff is truly magical!  

A Step-By-Step Mother’s Day Facial

Doing things together is always more fun, so start your facials with our Revitalizing Cleansing Oil. This product is part of our Bakuchiol collection and is absolutely luxurious. This isn’t your traditional foamy face wash; this cleansing oil is a detergent free, water-activated oil that removes makeup and impurities without drying. As you cleanse your face, you’ll reveal softer, smoother, more balanced skin.  
Next, try our Rice Milk + Rose Hydrating Face Mist. Just a few sprays of this anti-aging hydrating spray will leave skin energized, and ready for the rest of your Mother’s Day facial. This spray is great for keeping in your purse or gym bag for an on-the-go refresh.  
Now it’s time to sit back and relax with a face mask. Our mud mask is different from most because it renews and purifies skin, exfoliates, and offers deeply penetrative anti-aging ingredients like Bakuchiol. Apply a thin layer to the face and leave on for up to two minutes. Remove mask with water in a circular motion to gently exfoliate dead skin. Hello gorgeous!      
As you may know, serums are all the rage right now and there’s good reason! According to cosmetic chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, “Serums contain the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners…” And our organic eye serum with Bakuchiol is Whish’s answer to an organic retinol serum.  
Better yet, using it is amazingly simple. All Mom will have to do is apply a pea-size amount to fingers. Next, warm product between fingers and gently apply in a light tapping motion from the inner part of the eye to the outside and around the orbital bone. This serum reduces puffiness and the appearance of fine lines while decreasing the appearance of bags and dark circles under eyes.  
Now that the delicate skin around Mom’s eyes is taken care of, it’s time to address the rest of her face. When it comes to anti-aging moisturizers with Bakuchiol, we have two options: a cream or oil. Our Moisture Replenishing Day Cream is an ultra-emollient organic retinol face cream that gives a firmer look and feel, soothes and reduces inflammation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  
If Mom prefers face oil or wants to layer this product over our cream, then our Restoring Face Oil with Bakuchiol is perfect for that. This product is formulated for a lightweight application, fights free radicals, soothes, moisturizes, and touts all of the anti-aging qualities as our Day Cream.  
Now that Whish has you and Mom covered when it comes to radiant, healthy skin, how about nails or a glass of wine? Cheers!  

Can’t Be With Mom This Mother’s Day? Here Are Some Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas

We understand that not everyone lives close to their mom or has the opportunity to spend a whole day with her, so here are a few Whish Mother’s Day gift ideas that will help your mom relax and focus some much-deserved time on herself.

Skin Care Bundle

This set includes our Replenishing Day Cream, Recovering Night Cream, and Repairing Eye Serum—all infused with the natural retinol supplement, Bakuchiol. This gift set even comes in a beautiful travel bag, so you don’t have to worry about gift wrap!  

Rice Milk + Rose Bundle

This gift set includes our Crème Cleanser, Firming Body Cream, and Hydrating Face Mist. The entire Rice Milk + Rose Collection was created to address multiple skin concerns associated with the aging process, including darkened veins, hyperpigmentation, and thinning skin. This bundle also comes packaged in a cute travel bag that mom can use over and over.

Not Sure What to Get Mom?

If you’re still not sure what Whish products to get Mom, then give her the gift of choice with a Whish Beauty gift card. You simply can’t go wrong with this option!  
Say “thank you, Mom” for all the love, dedication, and sacrifice she has shown you throughout the years, by gifting her with all-natural skin care products to help her relax and care for herself. From all of us at Whish, Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there in the world!